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At The Thriving Group we believe we can make the world a better place by supporting children of all ages in their growth and personal development. The Foundation Programme teaches children and teenagers a foundation of essential life skills and personal development tools that will empower them to take control and create more fulfilling, higher quality, successful and happier lives.

Children around the world are now, more than ever before, facing numerous challenges either at school, with friends, with parents and family, with their teachers, with their health, on social media, and with themselves.

The premier source of personal development and life skills for children, teenagers and parents, inspiring them to reach their full potential.  

Empowering Future Generations

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Slide How can you make sure your teen is using Social Media the right way?

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Nowadays, technology and Social Media are a part of any teenager’s life and can be powerful and beneficial tools, provided they are used in the right way. 

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    Slide Happy Children As parents, how can we contribute to our children's growth and ensure they continue to thrive?

    Download our Tips for Happy Children

    At The Thriving Group we believe that when your child is happy, everyone is affected positively. There’s nothing like a huge grin on your child’s carefree face to brighten up your day.

    Download our free Tips for Happy Children and make sure that, as parents, you contribute to their growth and ensure they continue to thrive

      At The Thriving Group we aim to support and improve the life of as many children and teenagers as possible, but we appreciate that unfortunately not all can have access to our paid programmes.
      To make sure we touch the lives of children and teenagers from all backgrounds and walks of life, we offer one complimentary programme or membership for each programme or membership we sell.
      “Hello, I’m Suri!”
      Suri is a 9 year old who loves games, in particular Roblox.
      But her parents were not very comfortable with online gaming as they, not even getting into the dangers of the online world, at different occasions, saw her frustrated, sad and hungry after other people scamming her with false promises and pretending they were friends.
      After endless arguments about online safety, screen time and all, Suri explained her parents that it was not just for the gaming side of it, she also really enjoyed playing with her friends when they were online, specially during COVID 19 lockdown. Then they realised, in different conversations with Suri, that she was actually learning new skills and improving existing ones by playing games.
      After a deep research about the subject they understood that gaming actually had more benefits than they expected but there was still the safety issue.
      It was then that Suri suggested to start a gaming club, and when U Can Game With Us was born.
      U Can Game With Us is managed by The Thriving Group Ltd.