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Join me to see how you can be the best parent you can and unlock your child's superpower.

You'll learn simple ways to raise strong, resilient and positive children who grow up to love and respect themselves as they do for others.

What are your child's superpowers?

Why do they matter?

How do children develop their superpowers?

How can you nurture your child's developing brain?

How can you raise strong, resilient and positive children?

How can you teach your child to fight their fears?

How can you form a secured attachment with your child?

And a lot of practical tips to make your parenting journey fun.

Like most parents I struggled to divide my time between my career, chores and my child.

And used to wonder what my child would grow up to be? And what impact would my parenting have on that?

I struggled to decide if I was being too strict or too lenient. I didn’t want to spoil her, but I didn’t want to scare her either.

I frantically searched for help, read a lot of parenting books, and talked to coaches. But the more time, money and effort I put in research the less of it I had for my child.
I was riddled with guilt…
Until I found the secret!