How to raise strong, resilient and positive children.
All children are born with their unique superpowers. But the adults in their lives, unintentionally, convince them otherwise and encourage them to seek powers from outside, not within. -Nikita Phadnavis

Have you ever wondered why some people, day to day, are happier, more productive, more fulfilled than others?


What makes the difference?

Is it kismet, a kind of fate, which in some mysterious ways charts their destiny?


Or is it some kind of superpower that they possess that enables them to steer the course of their life in a direction they please while a lot of others live unfulfilled lives?


Ever wondered who are these people with the superpower?


And what is their secret superpower that enables them to do everything?


Ever wondered if your child has that superpower?

Unlock your child's superpowers

Paulo Coelho aptly noted that children believe they are capable of everything. If that is so, why do we see so many self-doubting and even self-sabotaging adults?


Well, Coelho was right, children do believe they are capable of everything, until they are taught all the ‘shoulds’, ‘musts’ and ‘cannots’; until they are taught that it’s bad to have their head in the clouds and it’s good to have their feet on the ground. Everything we say to our children, becomes their inner voice. 


This inner voice, or our subconscious, is what determines who we become – a success or a failure, content or dissatisfied, calm or anxious – this blue print of our lives is created in our childhood. Parents have the power to determine how they programme the subconscious mind of their children. But with power comes responsibility.



  • What are your child’s superpowers
  • Why do they matter
  • How do they develop these superpowers
  • How can you nurture your child’s developing brain
  • How can you raise strong, resilient and positive children
  • How can you teach you child to fight their fears


And a lot of practical tips to make your parenting journey fun.


  • 8 weeks
  • 1.5 hrs weekly sessions with Nikita Phadnavis
  • Members only Facebook Group
  • Daily nuggets by email

Next course starting date: 23rd of February


Price: £249/person


Soft Skills & Emotional Intelligence Trainer

Parenting & Life Design Coach

Early Years Professional and a Certified Life Coach

Global Thought Leader, GFEL 2019 & Entrepreneurship Award winner, Santander 2020

Nikita Phadnavis

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