The Thriving Solution

What if we could teach and guide children from early age to develop an understanding of their own power and how to use this as a tool in their lives.


What if we could complement traditional education and allow children to focus on their personal development and discover their greatness within.


What if we could teach children essential Life Skills that will empower them to take control of their lives and make positive changes. 


What if we could honour every child’s unique talents and purpose, while helping them grow their confidence and self-awareness. 


What if we could teach children about the power of their mind, meditation, mindfulness, but also how to set goals, build friendships, communication, finance, public speaking, etiquette, art and culture, business and entrepreneurship, nutrition, etc.


What if we could have all that together and take an holistic approach to education.


And what if we could support all the above by teaching and supporting the parents as well.


But we are not stopping here, what if we could actually implement all the above in schooling system.


We now know we can achieve all that at The Thriving Group and that’s exactly why we are on a mission to empower future generations.

You are only one inch... one step... one idea... away from turning onto the boulevard of beauty
in your own life.

Backed by our own experience and years of research by the experts we built our programmes with or based on, here are some of the results we expect our students to achieve:

  • Greatly increase self-confidence and self-esteem

  • Easily let go of anxieties, doubts and worries

  • Be relaxed with their peers, thus developing more and better friendships

  • Overcome nervousness in exams and other performance situations

  • Be far better at handling the challenges of growing up

  • Acquire life skills and thought patterns which will serve them well for decades

  • Realise their true potential

  • Be prepared to lead

  • Have real inner strength and self-belief

  • Be more focussed and motivated

  • More optimistic and determined

  • Replace self-doubt with positive self-talk

  • Inner peace, simply happier in their own skin

  • Build a strong and positive self-image

  • Obtain skills which will help them throughout their life on both a personal and professional level

  • Know how to behave in different settings and situations

  • Have the ability to choose their thoughts, emotions and reactions.

  • Be equipped with financial intelligence

  • Understand the importance of gratitude

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The Thriving Group provides programmes for children and teenagers that are value-based and educational; focusing on the areas of personal development, mindfulness and well-being.
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