The Thriving Challenges

Children and teenagers face challenges either at school, with friends, their parents, their teachers, their health, on social media, and even with themselves.
Children and Teens challenges

Children around the world are now, more than ever before, facing numerous challenges either at school, with friends, with parents and family, with their teachers, with their health, on social media, and with themselves.


But the challenges don’t just disappear as they get older, in fact patterns established in childhood can often last a lifetime, this together with the feeling of inadequacy, lack of crucial life skills, realisation that school didn’t prepare them for adult life both at a personal and professional level, and even less at a mental and emotional level, has a major impact in their adult life as well, in particular in their happiness and success.

– Lack of Motivation

– Low Self-Confidence

– Negative Self-Image

– Bullying

– Social Pressure

– Comparison

– Cyber Bullying

– Anxiety

– Stress

– Fear of failure

– TV and electronic addiction

– Food related problems

– Disrespectful behaviour

– Impulsive behaviour

– Anger

– Aggression

– Sad Moods or Depression

– Isolation 

– Difficulty in social situations

– Difficulties in school 

How we can help

Backed by our own experience and years of research by the experts we built our programmes with or based on, we know we can make the world a better place by supporting children of all ages and parents in their growth and personal development. We are on a mission to empower future generations.
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