Guided Meditation for Children

Learning to Meditate - for children 5 years of age and older
Guided Meditation Series for Children
Guided Meditation for Children

This is one of the most valuable tools that you can teach your children. The younger they begin meditating the easier it will be for them to regulate their thoughts, emotions and actions. This is a very natural process that becomes second nature when you practice regularly.

Parents are welcome to join in with their children. This is a skill that will benefit everyone!

In each meditation we will discuss a different quality that can contribute to making us feel great, happy, strong, and empowered.


Ages: 5 years old and up

Recommended time: one minute for each year of age so if your child is 5 try sticking to the meditation portion for 5 mins.

At the start of every meditation we ask ourselves the following questions:

Guided Meditation Series for Children

And before leaving we set our intention for:

First theme: Your True Self - The Hero Within!

A series of 21 sessions covering the following topics:

Watch the 21 recorded videos on our YouTube Channel

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