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Foundation Programme

A foundation of essential life skills and personal development tools that empower children and teenagers to take control and create more fulfilling, higher quality, successful and happier lives.
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The Foundation Programme teaches children and teenagers a foundation of essential life skills and personal development tools that will empower them to take control and create more fulfilling, higher quality, successful and happier lives.


The programme was created to complement traditional education, teaching students not only the knowledge and understanding, but also providing the tools to put those principles into practice.


The Foundation Programme covers a broad range of personal development and life skills topics, based on proven methods established by international experts throughout the years and adapted to every age group.

The teaching methods for the younger groups are very interactive and activity and story-telling based while the older groups will get more theory, as well as exercises to ensure their progress.


After the eight-week programme your child will be set up with the foundation for their success!


At that point, it is essential to carry on these good habits and build them into an ongoing lifestyle. That is why we continue to keep in touch with your child and periodically check in to see how they are progressing.


Our philosophy at the Thriving Group is that once you join our Foundation Programme you are a valued member of our community. The children and teenagers who go through the Foundation Programme join our Thriving Community and we will make sure they continue to grow with ongoing, age appropriate support and access to like minded, empowered individuals.


We also offer an increasing range Additional Courses and events, ranging from webinars to downloadable material, both complimentary and paid, in order to keep you connected and on track for a fulfilling and empowering future!

Programme description:


  • Eight weekly lessons/modules.
  • 30 to 50 min sessions depending on the age group and delivery method.
  • Online via video call or in-person.
  • Set of action points or activities to perform in-between lessons to keep students engaged.
  • Each lesson’s content is tailored for each specific age group.
  • Access to a Members-only Facebook group for Parents.
  • Access to a Members-only Facebook group for students where the they can ask questions and/or share their experiences with other fellow students (Available for teenagers only and with parents’ consent).
  • Activity materials (including, but not limited to, activity sheets, worksheets, etc.) and workbook provided via email (digital format).





Curriculum overview

All our sessions are adapted to each specific age range, this affects the topics covered in each session and in the curriculum in general.

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An overview of the mind, our ability to choose our thoughts, emotions and reactions.  It is empowering to realise you have control over yourself and over your life.
Self-Image is the foundation upon which your entire personality is built. It not only controls your behaviour, it controls your circumstances as well. Confidence and self-esteem can be taught and they make all the difference for children and teenagers as they face their day to day lives. But if the foundation is not there the results won't last long or are only superficial.
Goal setting is a skill that is not often taught to young people. At The Thriving Group, we teach proven methods of setting goals that have been established by coaches and personal development experts throughout the years. We also make sure our students have a clear plan and timeline to achieve their goals. Tracking your progress and tackling setbacks is a big step in creating a productive and fulfilling life.
One of the greatest gifts we can give our children is an “attitude of gratitude”. Gratitude is one of the most powerful forces in the Universe. It has the ability to transform any situation from negative to positive; to attract more things to be grateful for and ultimately allows us to live a more fulfilling and happy life.
By raising your vibration and sustaining a high level of energy frequency, you’ll be changing your unique “frequency signature” to match and attract the qualities of life you desire most. Vibration is something that must be understood if you’re going to take control of your health, relationships, and life in general. it must be understood if you want to become wealthy, in all aspects of what the word wealth means to you.
Week 6 - I AM SOCIAL
What does effective communication look like and how can we use these tools to build friendships and all other relationships? Students learn how to communicate their thoughts in a confident and persuasive manner. They will learn how to speak publicly and how to carry out a successful negotiation with a win-win mentality.
Financial freedom is a mental, emotional, and educational process. The earlier you start, the better, moreover, it’s the perfect time to prevent wrong beliefs or misconceptions about finances before they learn bad behaviours from their friends, social media, television, and other influential sources. Setting a healthy understanding of money from a young age is the key to building financial independence.
Digital technologies have profoundly changed childhood and adolescence. The internet and the means to access it, such as tablets and smartphones, along with social media platforms, messaging apps and online gaming, have become integral to the lives of youth around the world. They have transformed their education and learning, the way they make and maintain friendships, how they spend their leisure time, and their engagement with wider society.
If you have any question or are not sure if this programme is the right one for your child or teen, write us using the form below and our team will be very happy to help.

    Child's Age
    3 to 5 years old6 to 8 years old9 to 11 years old12 to 15 years old16 to 18 years old

    Sarah Bolton
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    My 11 year old daughter just finished the Foundation Programme last week and I can only recommend it. The results on her behaviour started showing on the 4th week and after that we could see noticeable improvement every week. We have now a more calm, confident and happy daughter. Thank you The Thriving Group.

    Foundation Programmes

    The Thriving Group - Foundation Programme

    3-5 years old


    From age 3-5 children have not yet developed their analytical mind. They are operating on a subconscious level and are highly suggestable. It is a very important time to impact a child’s brain positively as this is the foundation for so much of their future behavior and thought patterns. The Foundation Programme for this age group addresses emotional intelligence, with strategies to help children deal with their emotions and express themselves. We share key strategies with parents for addressing emotional situations that occur with their child in order to get the most positive results. Children who feel empowered from a young age turn into confident and happy future leaders.

    6 to 8 years old


    From age 6 to 8 children develop their analytical mind.  Not only does this allow them to reason, they enter into an equally creative and suggestible stage which lasts until they are 12 years old, This is a good time to establish core values, etiquette and their sense of self. We introduce practices such as meditation and start setting goals and visions for the future. By setting children up with the proper personal development foundation from as early as possible we can greatly affect their future. Thoughts become things, and knowing how to control your thoughts and emotions is a key component of consciously creating your reality.

    The Thriving Group - Foundation Programme
    The Thriving Group - Foundation Programme

    9 to 11 years old


    In this age group, children are still operating with alpha brain waves that are based on their imagination. They are still very much dictating their reality from within rather than being completely outwardly focused the way a teenager would be. This is a great stage to deepen a child’s understanding of themselves, how their brain works – and also explain how they can benefit their brain (through practices like meditation, by reducing screen time, by spending time in nature, by expressing themselves and by establishing good habits like practicing gratitude.

    12 to 15 years old


    At age 12 children’s brain waves move into beta patterns which makes them predominantly focused on the outside world. This is why tweens are already very much concerned with their friendships and peer pressure starts around this age. Equipping our children with positive self-images, clear values and coping strategies empowers them to navigate this highly interactive phase in their development.

    The Thriving Group - Foundation Programme

    16 to 18 years old


    From ages 16-18 teenagers have fully developed their analytical mind which means that it is much more difficult to influence their subconscious mind. By now they have already established certain patterns of thought and in order to help them have a more positive self-image and thought patterns it is necessary to teach them how their mind works and that what and how they think will shape and create their future. We give them expert techniques on how to harness the power of their thought.

    Our other programmes
    Additional Programmes

    Additional Programmes

    In-depth teachings on specific topics. The perfect complement to our Foundation Programme, or also ideal to those who seek support or want to improve specific areas of personal development and life skills.

    International Programmes

    International Programmes

    Our programmes are currently available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

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