All programmes are available online and in-person.

Additional Programmes

In-depth teachings on specific topics. The perfect complement to our Foundation Programme, or also ideal to those who seek support or want to improve specific areas of personal development and life skills.

Thriving Courses

Students who wish to focus on one particular area of personal development are encouraged to enroll in our Additional Programmes.


These courses are the perfect complement to our Foundation Programme and we suggest that students continue their journey with The Thriving Group post Foundation Programme by pursuing further learning in the Additional Programmes. As children grow older certain topics become more pertinent and they may choose out of various topics in these Additional Programmes.


All students receive one to one coaching and would be advised on which courses to take based on their goals and age group. Students who have not yet participated in the Foundation Programme are also welcome to enroll in our Additional Programme courses. 


Self-Image is the foundation upon which your entire personality is built. It not only controls your behaviour, it controls your circumstances as well. Confidence and self-esteem can be taught and they make all the difference for children and teenagers as they face their day to day lives. But if the foundation is not there the results won’t last long or are only superficial.

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The Thriving Group - Additional Programmes - Goal Setting

Goal Setting

Goal setting is a skill that is not often taught to young people. At The Thriving Group, we teach proven methods of setting goals that have been established by coaches and personal development experts throughout the years. We also make sure our students have a clear plan and timeline to achieve their goals. Tracking your progress and tackling setbacks is a big step in creating a productive and fulfilling life.

Meditation & Mindfulness

Learn ancient Vedic mantra-based Meditation and Mindfulness practices to integrate in your daily life.

The Thriving Group - Additional Programmes - Meditation and Mindfulness
The Thriving Group - Helping Parents Raising Children

Values and Beliefs

What does it mean to live a good life? Build the foundation for your future by establishing and documenting your values, purpose and dreams. And learn from several philosophers how to reason logically and see your reality through various lenses.

Happiness and Well-Being

Emotional intelligence is a very important topic at The Thriving Group. We teach our students how the human mind functions. When you think certain thoughts they have a direct impact on your brain and physiology.

Learn how to set yourself up for happiness and wellness. All of our teaching is based on scientifically proven methods.

The Thriving Group - Additional Programmes - Happiness and Well-Being
The Thriving Group - Additional Programmes - Communication and Relationships

Communication and Relationships

What does effective communication look like and how can we use these tools to build friendships and all other relationships?

Students learn how to communicate their thoughts in a confident and persuasive manner.

They will learn how to speak publicly and how to carry out a successful negotiation with a win-win mentality.

Social Media

What are the benefits of Social Media and how do we make sure it is working for us rather than hurting us? Social media plays a huge role in the future generation’s lives. As parents it is important to educate our children with best practices, as well as the possible consequences of social media posting and the benefits of actively and positively managing your personal brand.

The Thriving Group - Additional Programmes - Finances


Financial freedom is a mental, emotional, and educational process. The earlier you start, the better, moreover, it’s the perfect time to prevent wrong beliefs or misconceptions about finances before they learn bad behaviours from their friends, social media, television, and other influential sources. Setting a healthy understanding of money from a young age is the key to building financial independence.


Knowing your manners helps you to feel comfortable and confident in any setting. It also helps us show respect and consideration to others and makes others glad that we are with them. We simulate real life situations from table manners to verbal and written interactions with all levels of society.

The Thriving Group - Additional Programmes - Etiquette

Other Programmes

Foundation Programme

A foundation of essential life skills and personal development tools that empower children and teenagers to take control and create more fulfilling, higher quality, successful and happier lives.

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