How To Set a Positive Intention for Back To School

How To Set a Positive Intention for Back To School

Back to school is a special time for every child (and parent!). While some children are excited to see their friends and teachers, others may be worried about returning to school. Those who are starting school for the first time, are faced with a new challenge, having to make new friends and meet new teachers, in an unfamiliar environment.

The importance of going back to school this September is enhanced due to the unprecedented times in which we are living, with Covid-19.

While some children may be eager to return to their old routine, others may need help adjusting. It is a good idea to think about how you will consciously support your child, making their experience as stress-free and successful as possible.

Every child has their own expectations with regards to school. Some children focus on grades, others prioritize the social aspect of reuniting with friends and meeting their teachers. Unfortunately not all expectations are positive and some may worry them more than they can or are willing to express to you. Meeting their positive expectations and overcoming their negative ones not only has a huge effect on their school year but also on their life and future.

At The Thriving Group we help and support our students in their journey back to school. We make sure our students are equipped with the life skills they need for a successful school year ahead. Applying different scientific and proven methods, we coach them and provide them with the tools to thrive throughout the whole year. Once a student is enrolled in one of our programmes or courses, they receive regular support from our qualified team members to make sure they are on the right track.

Below is one the tools we teach our students, and one that you can use with your children at home. I would even go as far as saying that if you are a teacher or have children in your care, you should implement this tool as well, as you will notice the difference it makes in their lives. As we say at The Thriving Group, Please join us in Empowering Future Generations!.

Setting a Positive Intention for Back to School
  1. Ask your child to write a capital S down on a piece of paper. Tell them to think of the letter S as a symbol that represents how they want the school year to go. Then ask them to draw two squiggly circular lines around the letter to represent the energy they need in order to generate their intention (this is a simple way to explain to younger children but if they are old enough you can tell them that the squiggly circular lines represent the electromagnetic field that they will need to generate around their body to match that intention in the quantum, according to Dr Joe Dispenza.
  2. Now they have to assign a meaning to that letter so they can get even clearer about their intention. Ask them to think specifically about how they want the school year to go. For example: To have an amazing year at school. To make many nice friends. To do my best to succeed in all my school subjects. To like my teachers and for them to like me. To be surrounded by kind people. Then tell them to write down the header “Intention”, and list at least four of them beneath it. (Please don’t have them include a time frame).
  3. On that same piece of paper, tell them to write down the header “Elevated Emotion” and ask them to list the emotions they will feel when that imagined intention happens. For example: Empowered, unlimited, appreciation, free, in awe, in love with life, joyful, worthy, grateful. If they are unsure how they are going to feel because they haven’t experienced it yet, tell them to go with Gratitude. Gratitude is a powerful emotion to use for manifesting because we normally feel gratitude after we receive something. So the emotional signature of gratitude means it has already happened. When you are thankful or you feel appreciation, you are in the ultimate state to receive. When you embrace gratitude, your body as the unconscious mind will begin to believe it is in that future reality in the present moment. This is what allows physical forms to occur. These different emotions are the energy that is going to carry their intent. They have to feel those emotions in order to teach their body, emotionally, what that future is going to feel like before it happens, and this must be done in the present moment.
  4. Finally, ask them to hold on to those emotions for some time, and afterwards tell them to think about what they are going to do at school, what choices they will make, how they will feel. They should live in that future reality in the present moment. Tell them to have fun with these ideas each day.

After this we recommend a few minutes of meditation. As a guideline, children can mediate for one minute per each year of their age. That being said, they are welcome to carry on longer. 

Once their school intention is set, all they have to do is to remember to think of that capital S, what it means, and the emotions associated, on a daily basis. This should not be a boring task, they should have fun doing it. Ideally this exercise is done every day followed by meditation but don’t put any pressure on your child to do so, we don’t want them to think this is homework, eventually they will do it naturally.

Also explain that they can use this same method for any other intention they may want to set up in their life. They can have so much fun creating their own reality!

For example, my daughter is a Roblox fan and she loves playing Adopt Me (one of the games), she really wanted to get her dream pet, a Neon Ride Kangaroo, but to no avail. I told her to use this method and guess what, after just a few weeks she finally got it, out of nowhere, in a way that she would have never expected, her dream pet found her. 

Now we are using the same method for school, we will tell you how it goes 🙂


There are many other methods and tools to set positive intentions for back to school, this is just one of them and one of our favourites. If you would like to find out more about how we can help your child thrive this school year and beyond please send us an email, we will be very pleased to go through some options with you.

Please let us know how your child’s school year is progressing and feel free to email us with questions.

Wishing you and your thriving children an amazingly successful school year ahead!

Sofia Gouveia
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