Meet the Team

Sofia Gouveia

Sofia Gouveia, Founder and Director

Sofia Gouveia is an entrepreneur and philanthropist; she is the founder and director of The Thriving Group and co-owner of qR Architects


With marketing experience that exceeds 17 years, Sofia has catered to both startups and business giants within and outside the UK.


It was on her own personal development path, that she began to question skills not being taught in school.


Being inspired by her own child Suri, further strengthened her commitment to personal development, this led to the creation of The Thriving Group, which aims to inspire children, teenagers and parents to lead successful and happy lives.


Rachel Johnstone, Marketing Intern

3rd year BA (Hons) student at the University of the Arts London.


Rachel believes in the holistic side of teaching in order to provide a child with their best opportunity to thrive and wishes The Thriving Group was around when she was growing up!

Our Experts

Nikita Phadnavis

Nikita Phadnavis

Nikita is a polyglot who has over 15 years of experience working in 7 different countries. She has worked on government, and United Nations-backed projects with delegates from over 72 countries, has hosted television shows to raise social awareness in Japan and Ukraine and co-founded a charity in India to bring about reforms in education.

 Nikita recently received recognition for her work in the field of education and training as ‘Top 100 Leaders in Education’ from the Global Forum for Education and Learning. She has worked with people of all backgrounds, cultures and ages – right from babies to adults. Her wealth of experiences enables her to engage with people from all walks of life.

  • Soft Skills & Emotional Intelligence Trainer

(Master of Business Administration & Economics)

  • Parenting & Life Design Coach

(Early Years Professional and a Certified Life Coach)

  • Global Thought Leader, GFEL 2019 & Entrepreneurship Award winner, Santander 2020
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