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The premier source of personal development and life skills for children, teenagers and parents, inspiring them to reach their full potential.

The future of our world lies in the hands, the heart and the minds of our children. - David Decker.

By teaching our children, we are shaping the future. At The Thriving Group we believe we can make the world a better place by supporting children of all ages and parents in their growth and personal development. We provide our students with an excellent foundation of life skills that contribute to building a positive self-image and empowers them to lead happy and successful lives.


Founded by Sofia Gouveia, The Thriving Group is the premier source of personal development and life skills for children, teenagers and parents, inspiring and supporting them to reach their full potential.


As a mother of two, Sofia has witnessed first-hand the need for further development outside of the classroom to properly equip children and teenagers in reaching their highest potential. As well as the need for the right, practical and easily accessible expert advice on everything parenting related, not only for the parent as an individual, but also to help and support their children.


While traditional education is essential, there are areas that aren’t addressed thoroughly, such as confidence coaching, social media guidance, basic finances and meditation – to name a few.


Many parents know that their children would benefit from developing life skills and coaching but do not have the time or know-how to educate them in this area.


Whether your child enrols in the Foundation Programme or in one of our standalone Additional Programmes we ensure that they become part of our Thriving community. We make sure to build a long-term relationship with our students to give them access to experts and to like-minded individuals.


Our material is sourced from world-renowned personal development experts and can benefit adults as well. We provide material for parents to discuss with their children to the degree that they wish to get involved. We ensure that each child receives personal attention and our staff will follow your child’s journey in a supportive manner.


Please join us in our mission to create conscious, positive and enlightened future generations.

Sofia Gouveia and daughters
Sofia and her daughters Suri and Sienna
After starting my own personal development journey I started asking myself, what if we could teach and guide children from an early age to develop an understanding of their own power and how to use this as a tool in their lives. What if we could teach children essential life skills that will empower them to take control of their lives and make positive changes.  And what if we could support all the above by teaching and supporting the parents as well. That’s when I found my passion and purpose. I wanted to find a way to help children and teenagers live happy, successful and fulfilling lives, getting to know themselves and making the most of their amazing minds.

Read more about Sofia’s journey here.

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